linda1Linda Linham has been in love with art since an early age. An Ohio native, she attended Ohio University, initially focused on art then changing to a business major. Always building on her strengths of creativity and visionary leadership style for problem solving, design, marketing and managing people, Ms. Linham served in various roles in the business sector including CEO, President, Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing, Sales Manager, Creative Director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer. She has worked in and for public and privately held national and international companies with multi-million dollar sales to smaller privately owned companies in various industries including printing, publishing, advertising and legal. She also owned and operated a successful business and marketing consulting practice. All the while, yearning to spend more time painting, she now devotes her time and talent to her life-long love of art and painting.

“My past careers offered me many opportunities to apply and refine my creative skills. My nature is to continually learn and grow. I find great fulfillment in helping those viewing my art to find enjoyment. I am passionate about making a difference in how people view a particular moment in time. The difference can be memorializing family, events and objects that have impacted my life or lives of others. I love the nature of what I am doing—it is challenging, creative and involves meeting and working with a variety of outstanding, talented people.”

Linda is an award winning painter and member of Oil Painters of America, The Visual Arts Association, The Villages Art League, The Ocala Art Group,  and The Art Center of Citrus County,  She has exhibited at the Appleton Museum and Gallery, The Art Center of Citrus County, Zanesville Art Institute,  and several other venues.